"It might sound strange to describe a video that messes with your libido badly enough that you tense up and cringe as “a lot of fun”, but that is exactly the case with Baron Von Luxxury’s newest.”The Last Seduction” is an intellectually stimulating tale of….wait….no…its just a white dude singing in the shower and sometimes TO the shower head about misspent youth, fond memories one can’t let go of, there’s even a “between-the-legs shot” that will have your retinal nerves in a tizzy. A follow-up to his significantly more raunchy “Terry Richardson” clip (Google it!), Von Luxxury brings all the innocence and upbeat goodness he’s been curating on his blog, Disco Workout, for the last several years to “Seduction”, and a little intelligence as well, proving that it and humor can make a very good partnership if one just succumbs to that universally perverse force: the merger of opposites.”


LA Times Premieres BvL’s ‘Rosebud Was the Name of His Sled’ Video

Baron Von Luxxury is named Baron Von Luxxury. This is his fake name, and may warrant you to stop, consider it, and maybe even say it out loud. BVL sounds like the brand of a designer handbag company in Belgium with a bent for Feudalism, not the sobriquet of a local electro-disco producer. Presumably, the extra “X” is in there for a double dose of luxury.

Signed to Manimal Vinyl, the S.F.-raised musician has carefully cultivated an image of dapperness, dandiness and decadence. He’s prone to suits, a red afro and accompanying mustache, the combination of which makes him look like a fast-talking Shelbyville Casino pit boss on a lost episode of “The Simpsons.” His stated goal is to straddle pop and the underground, and that “fine line dividing what is cool from what is deeply embarrassing.” It is excess instantiated, nu-disco funk, and eminently danceable. Even the $10,000-a-plate elite could boogie to this.

By day, he works under contract as a commercial songwriter/producer and he’s written songs alongside Little Boots and Dr. Luke protege (and “California Gurls” co-writer) Bonnie McKee. When he’s not cobbling together absurdly catchy tunes, he’s maintaining his own blog (Disco Workout) or remixing the likes of Glass Candy and HEALTH.

Luxxury’s album ”The Last Seduction” drops next month on Manimal. The publicity text that accompanies it name-checks Twin Shadow, the Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Sparks, Empire of the Sun, and Giorgio Moroder, which sounds about right. Premiering Wednesday on Pop & Hiss, Luxxury’s new video “Rosebud Was the Name of His Sled” lands somewhere in that white synthetic wonderland. It also references Orson Welles.”

- Jeff Weiss, Los Angeles Times